15 Best Cars for Your Next Canadian Road Trips

By John Hayden

Exploring Canada’s wild countryside means you need one of the 15 best cars on the market.  A road trip is a great way of breaking away from routine, but a dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if your vehicle isn’t prepped for travel. A vehicle that’s fine for tooling around town or popping off to a nearby beach or lake resort for the weekend might not be the best choice for long days on the open road.

Comfort is crucial, especially for the driver who must remain immobile for lengthy periods and needs good back support. Cruise control eases much of the strain of long days behind the wheel, while generously padded upholstery and armrests, ample legroom, and convenient compartments keep passengers happy.

Prepping for Your Trip

Possibly the most vital feature of all the 15 best cars is the air conditioning and heating system,  so make sure to have this checked out as part of your pre-trip overhaul.

To be on the safe side, run a mock packing test a couple of weeks before you plan to leave, making sure that your baggage and sports gear all fits comfortably into your cargo space. Typically, larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks are gas-guzzlers, while smaller cars (and particularly hybrids) are more fuel-efficient, minimizing your carbon footprint.

For easier budgeting, check out how much fuel your car consumes on the highway through an online calculator like this. Switching easily from imperial to metric measurements, this simple calculator lets you plan ahead for outlays on gas.

Planning Your Road Trip in one of the  15 Best Cars in Canada

The best car for your Canadian road trip really depends on where you plan to go, and when: lowland plains or mountain passes? Mainly blacktop, or rough trails? Are you likely to run into heatwaves, floods, or snowstorms?

You might need a vehicle that can easily handle unexpected, but extreme weather conditions, as well as rough terrain and poor conditions, and even winter tires or snow chains. But whether you opt for something that’s light and compact for easy driving, or a tough four-wheel drive that’s great for off-roading, it’s a sure bet that Laneway Auto has a new or pre-loved vehicle listed on its website that meets your needs – and without breaking your budget!

Audi A6

Despite its image as a town car designed for status-conscious executives, the surprisingly muscular Audi A6 has a top Euro NCAP safety rating. Its generous cargo space makes it a practical and stylish option for road trips that don’t go off the beaten track.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited

Perfect for the whole family, this fuel-efficient minivan features an impressive entertainment system in the back that keeps kids happy throughout the trip.

Dodge Challenger

Fast and powerful, this movie-star muscle car is spacious and comfortable enough for the whole family (and all the luggage too). There are good reasons why it’s a favourite choice with movie-makers wanting to pair speed with good looks.

Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Fastback

A modern take on the classic Mustang, the 2020 EcoBoost ranks high for style and speed. Although not the most fuel-efficient vehicle, its smooth handling on the open road makes it a great choice for a road trip.

Honda CR-V

Halfway between an SUV and a sedan, this crossover is lighter than a truck, so it’s more fuel-efficient. Its unibody construction makes it a great trip vehicle, complete with all the features for comfortable driving.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Almost as environmentally friendly as the Prius, this great-looking sedan has an impressive fuel economy. With some cool safety features, its state-of-the-art technology – like adaptive cruise control –takes all the stress out of driving a Sonata along the open road.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

With excellent handling, the high-performing Grand Cherokee is a popular choice for road trips, especially over rougher terrain where its four-wheel drive comes in useful. With multiple drive modes, its plushy interior keeps drivers and passengers comfortable on even the longest days on the road.

Nissan Frontier

This is a heavy-duty option for road-trippers who need to haul a stack of gear – its maximum payload is an impressive 1,460 lbs in its generous bed space. Its powerful engine can tow up to 6,720 lbs, making this mid-size truck a great option when fuel economy is not a priority.

Porsche 911

Probably the most glamorous marque on this list, this four-seater sports car turns freeway driving into an adventure. High performing, but not particularly spacious or fuel-efficient, this is a great weekend getaway choice for couples.

Subaru Crosstrek

Compact but spacious, this SUV is also fuel-efficient. With hill descent and cruise control, it’s light and easy to handle, even when off-roading along dirt trails, while standard roof rails add useful extra storage for bulky items like paddleboards that pump up the fun.

Tesla 3

Although it’s the smallest of Tesla’s electric sedans, the Tesla 3 can certainly compete with the big guys out there on the open road. It’s the perfect choice for weekend getaways among eco-aware couples eager to get out of town, while still staying within range of Tesla’s supercharger network.

Toyota Prius

Practical and budget-friendly (its Eco model can reach 58 mpg on highways), the Prius is fitted with advanced electronic safety devices that make up for its somewhat unstylish looks. With comfortable seating and plenty of luggage space, it’s among the best of the hybrids for road trips.

Toyota Highlander

Packed with safety features –  like blind-spot monitors, lane departure assist, adaptive cruise control, and others –  driving the family-friendly Highlander is a breeze. With third-row seating, its spacious rear offers ample room for all the bulky gear needed for unforgettable family road trips.

Volvo XC90

Long hours behind the wheel can certainly be exhausting – but Volvo has the answer: massage seats for the driver and passenger riding shotgun. With a lane keep assist feature and adaptive cruise control all included in its Pilot Assist suite, it also has plenty of room for baggage, together with a Bowers & Wilkins sound system that helps the miles fly by.

Hitting the Road in Safety and Comfort

So whether you’re eager to explore the Canadian wilderness or simply want some out-of-town fun with the family, the perfect car is waiting for you at Laneway Auto. And if you’d like some help in finding your dream wheels or financing your everyday runabout, we’ll be happy to shortlist some great suggestions.

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