3 Factors To Protect Yourself When Buying Used Cars In Halifax

By John Hayden

The auto-sales market in Canada is pretty huge; nearly 1.9 million cars were sold in 2016 alone! The used cars industry is equally big and reportedly worth $9 billion. There are hundreds of used car dealerships in Halifax, yet the odds of landing on a lemon aren’t as slim as you would imagine. If you’re looking for used cars in Halifax, here’s how you can protect yourself:

Look in the right places:

Craigslist isn’t the place you should be looking for used cars. Of course, you’ll come across an occasional ad that seems genuine, but these are rare. Deal only with reputed used car dealers with several years of experience and plenty of positive reviews on user review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Check their website before calling them. Do they have a professional looking website? Do a quick search on Google to choose dealers from the first few results. Ask for a reference from friends and family.

Ask for a vehicle inspection report:

Most used car dealerships offer a free inspection report. But if it’s a private sale, you will have to buy one from an expert. Vehicle inspection reports aren’t cheap, but it’s worth the effort and money if you don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs. The expert will give you a complete history of the vehicle, including major damage, past accidents, etc. Even with the free inspection report, it’s best to get an opinion from a trusted mechanic about the present condition of the vehicle.

Look for warning signs:

It’s not uncommon for used car salespeople to push their products but beware of people who’re too assertive and refuse to take no for an answer. Such salespeople only care about making the sale. Good used car dealers primarily focus on finding a solution for their clients; even if it means foregoing the sale. If you have come up with a price you think is fair, but the seller won’t budge, walk away!

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