Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Used Car

3 Questions You Should Ask Used Car Dealers

3 Questions You Should Ask Used Car Dealers
By John Hayden

Purchasing a used car may seem intimidating if it’s your first time and haven’t researched enough. Here is a list of three questions you should ask to ensure that you have the right information when visiting used car dealerships in Halifax.

How do you source vehicles?

Whether you are buying from a private owner or through used car dealers, asking the owner where the vehicle came from is one of the most important questions to ask. Reputable dealers are more than happy to share the vehicles maintenance history. Did the previous owner perform repairs on the car? When was the last time the vehicle was serviced? Ask for a full-service history rather than part service history, especially if you plan to sell the vehicle again in the future. Was the vehicle involved in an accident? How many people have previously owned the vehicle? While a long list of owners isn’t uncommon for an older model, too many owners for a relatively new car could be a problem.

Do you offer car loans for bad credit?

Most used car dealers offer car loans for bad credit. These loans are perfect for people in bad credit or zero credit situations. For example, at Hayden Agencies, all you have to do fill in the auto loan calculator to get an idea of how much you can afford and estimate monthly payments. You get to decide on the terms of your loan, enter the down payment, and also provide the trade-in value.

Do you offer warranty coverage?

There’s no use buying the flashiest vehicle at the best price if you do not have good warranty coverage. Warranty differs by manufacturer and model; hence, it’s important to go through the details of the coverage.

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