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3 Reasons For Choosing A Used Car Dealer

3 Reasons For Choosing A Used Car Dealer
By John Hayden

Picking the right car can be tricky. You’ll have to not only to pick a make and model that matches your requirement but also decide between used and new cars. Buying a used car is an ideal solution for people with less than stellar credit ratings, and also for those who’d like to buy their dream vehicle at an affordable price. If you’ve done your research well and found the right used car dealer, a used car can be a good choice.

New Cars Depreciate Quickly:

All cars depreciate, but new cars do so quickly. In fact, they lose around 15% of their value right from the time you drive the car away from the showroom. They lose up to 50% of their value within the first three years of ownership. But the rate of depreciation flattens out after the third- fourth year. And that’s probably why people look for cars that are around three or four years old.

Better Value:

Buying a used car makes sense when you plan to buy a dream car on a budget. You can take your money a lot further in the used car market. Bored of driving the same vehicle? You can always trade-in the old car for another make or model. Most used car dealerships offer a huge range of models to cater to a wide audience  buyers are often spoilt for choice. Car lovers also get to buy models that aren’t available in the new-car market. Looking for a retro hatchback? Prefer a rear wheel drive station wagon with wood paneling? No problem! At Hayden Agencies, we offer thousands of vehicles on display pick one that suits your style.

Car Loans For Bad Credit:

Most used car dealers offer easy car loans for bad credit and no credit situations. You don’t have to worry about pre-approvals as well. Check out our auto loan calculator to know how much you can afford to pay every month.

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