Why You Should Trade In Your Vehicle At Hayden Agencies

By John Hayden

Buying a used car can be stressful, especially if you are planning to trade in your vehicle. Of course, you could sell it yourself, but this takes time and energy. Trading an old car is a far more convenient option, especially when you choose a reputable used car dealer,  like Hayden Agencies. We give you three reasons to visit us:

Debt Protection Plan With Walkaway:

Life is uncertain, so it’s always wise to prepare for contingencies. The Debt Protection Plan from WALKAWAY is just the safety net you need for unforeseen crises like job loss, illness, or accidents. When you purchase a vehicle at Hayden Agencies, we offer one year of complementary WALKAWAY debt coverage. Within ten days of purchase, customers can choose to extend their coverage for a longer period with added benefits. With the Debt Protection Plan, you can either return your car without penalty and safeguard your credit rating, or keep the car while WALKAWAY covers your payments.

We Help You Reduce Your Monthly Payments:

Sometimes, a good deal can turn out to be a waste of money. This is especially true when buying used cars for which you spend more than you need to. When it comes to buying used cars in Halifax, people don’t always understand the important components that determine monthly payments, like the price of the car, the length of the loan term, and the interest rate.

What’s your Interest Rate?

If you have a good payment history for the preceding 12 months and are paying at an interest rate of 8% or higher, you’ve been taken for a ride!

If you’ve got a few years on your loan, or if the current car isn’t working well, we can not only offer a trade-in but also lower your monthly payments.

Easy Financing When You Trade In Your Vehicle

With Hayden Agencies, buying a used car in Halifax is simple and straightforward. Use the online  car loan calculator to find out if your dream car fits your budget. You can also fill in the online contact form to apply for pre-approval.

Find Out What Your Trade-in Is Worth

If it’s time for a vehicle upgrade, and want a no-obligation pricing on what your vehicle’s trade-in is worth, I can help.  Inquire into financing a new vehicle or call me at 902 469-5444  to talk about your needs. Or simply fill out the following form to get started.

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