4 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Car

By John Hayden

See a used car for sale? There are plenty of reasons to buy one. For one, it is affordable! There’s also the factor of slower depreciation. New cars lose around 10% of their value the moment they’re driven off the lot, and lose around 20% in the first year alone! But picking the right used car isn’t an easy decision. Here are four things you should look for before buying one:

1. Read reviews of about the used car dealer:

The difference between a good and bad car buying experience depends largely on the reputation of the used car dealer. Read reviews about the seller on social review sites like Yelp or spend a little time researching them on Google. You can buy your used car from individual sellers, but it’s better to buy from a dealer, as they offer better deals and also there is more legal recourse should there be an issue.

2. Read reviews about the car:

Read consumer reports about the model of car you’ve picked up to look for technical defects and other problems. Look at car crash test scores, safety ratings, engine reviews, and more. Also, check if the model has been recalled.

3. Look for the cars vehicle history report:

Run a vehicle history report to make sure that the vehicle was not involved in an accident or affected by flood damage. Some cars listed by sellers have actually been declared to be a loss by insurance. Running a report on the vehicle can help you identify all these issues.

4. Take the car for a test drive:

This is an absolute must! Before you make your decision, test the car on roads and highways to know how they perform. Look for unusual noises and squeaks. Check if the used car dealership allows you to have a longer test drive to make sure that the car is comfortable to drive long distances.

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