5 Tips To Buy A Car With Bad Credit

By John Hayden

Buying a car when your credit score isn’t stellar takes hard work and patience. A little luck doesn’t hurt either! Here’s how you can land a good deal despite your credit problems:

Double-check your credit score:

People often assume the worst without actually checking their credit score. Before you go car shopping, it is important to get a copy of your credit report. Make sure that the information is correct. There are plenty of used car dealerships that prey on innocent shoppers, often scaring them into accepting high-interest car loans. If you ever had a credit card or taken a loan, chances are, credit reporting agencies have a credit report on you. You are entitled to a free report once every year. Check the reports to make sure past payments and cleared debts reflect accurately.

Consider buying a used car:

Your dream car plans can wait. For now, focus on what’s important. There are plenty of good deals for used cars in Halifax. Many dealers are willing to offer good deals on bad credit loans. Take your time to shop for the right person.

Read reviews about the dealer:

There are plenty of unscrupulous dealers out there who trick customers into deals that are sure to fail. Some may force customers to buy extended warranties and unnecessary add-ons. Look for favorable deals, referral programs, cash back offers, etc.

Find a cosigner:

Cosigners can help you find loans with favorable terms and interest rates. They encourage dealers to trust you because someone with a better credit rating can vouch for you and will cover you if you cannot pay on time.

Rebuild your credit score:

Look for credit rebuilding programs offered by used car dealerships. In fact, a car loan is a perfect way to boost your credit scores. Make your payments on time and opt for a shorter loan term.

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