6 Top Cars That Don’t Stay Too Long In the Garage

By John Hayden
Everyone is usually excited to purchase a new car; it is so sad that for some people, the excitement is only so short-lived. After a few months, they just find out that they no longer like the car they were so excited about anymore. Sometimes, you begin to wonder what the problem actually is but here comes a deeper truth.
It might interest you to know that this is usually a source of joy for those on the lookout for used cars. They can easily purchase cars that have not been used for so long, and it comes at an equally affordable price too. Here are the vehicle brands that usually cause their owners buyer remorse:


The Mercedes Benz c-class is the leader when it comes to vehicles that instigate buyer remorse in their owners. The lesser priced Benz is usually sold by a large chunk of its users before the end of a year. Some buyers have undue expectations from the average budget vehicle. Technological issues are a leading cause of why several users trade off the vehicle.


The x1 and x3 model of the BMW are usually ranged high on this list. Two of the least expensive models of the brand in their base price can feel rather ordinary and a lot of users get tired of the vehicles after a few months. While it is a luxury brand, a lot of people expect more, but the models are not built for the level of luxury the users expect.


A lot of people get distressed at driving a Porsche after a while and they just put it on the block. With a luxurious brand, the engine power and technological offerings of the Porsche are not wanting. It usually happens that the drivers expect much more than what the company has built. Once the disappointment peaks, they trade it in.

Land Rover

The land rover Discovery sport and Range Rover Evoque are amongst the brand less expensive models and a lot of buyers end up reselling the cars. Perhaps, they expect a lot of luxury options from the entry level vehicles and they get disappointed in the process.


The Jaguar XF is usually the car that bores people out, made to cater for the traditional luxury car shoppers most owners trade it out in less than a year. They also tend to move on to the trendier Jaguar F-Pace, provided they are loyal to the Jaguar brand.


Nissan is the only non-luxury brand on the list and the Nissan Versa Note is the Nissan car that causes most of its owners buyer remorse. The engine life of the car is not sufficient for a lot of people looking for a high-end power life; the tech offerings too are not so robust.
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