Avoid these Red Flags in Used Cars

By John Hayden

Nothing beats buying a brand-new car that comes with that pristine smell plus the guarantee of flawless handling and service. But if you decide on a pre-loved model, there are many red flags in used cars you should avoid. Perhaps you desire a temporary lease, or maybe you don’t have enough funds for a new car. Whatever the reason may be, buying a used car has its perks; being easy on the wallet is one of them.

While buying a used car might be easy, there are horror stories that would make you reconsider getting one. From poorly maintained vehicles to undisclosed mechanical issues, and cars that are like ticking time bombs for major accidents. Opting for a used car carries a significant amount of risk that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Top Red Flags in Used Cars

Although buying a used car can be a highly risky venture, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits used cars offer. We have talked to car sales experts, and they’ve given priceless advice on what to avoid. No longer do you have to fear falling victim to shady deals that leave you feeling ripped off. Here are some red flags in used cars to look out for:

Red Flag in Used Cars #1:  Murky Vehicle History

While the body of a car can be easily repaired after a major accident, the engine is a different matter entirely.  An engine that’s been worked on heavily can develop problems for the buyer down the line.

When you are in the market for a used car, always insist on getting a detailed vehicle history report; like a CarFax report. This report gives you a clearer picture of the car’s health and what’s been worked on. If the seller is unwilling to provide the vehicle’s history report, then you need to be wary. They could be trying to hide a significant fault that has the potential to cause problems for you in the long run.

Red Flag  in Used Cars #2: Pushy Sales Tactics

When you’re in the market for a used car, you hold all the power. To a large degree, you get to dictate the terms of the purchase. You should only settle for a vehicle that you have expressly chosen and can afford to pay for.

A salesperson only exists to help you find the car of your choosing and facilitate the purchase of the vehicle. However, you should spot a clear red flag in used cars if the salesperson appears to be pushing you towards buying a car that you don’t want. Alternatively, if it feels like you are being rushed into making a decision, it is always a good idea to walk away from such deals.

A used car purchase is serious business and should never be done in haste. Talking to a manager for a professional opinion is a good idea. Plus, it gives you a measure of reliability and puts your mind at ease.

Avoid Private Sales

Most people seem to think that dealerships charge more for a used car than a private sale would. They couldn’t be more wrong! The truth is that most dealerships price used cars according to their market values, as opposed to private sales that have no stated margin. This means that you only pay what the car is worth and nothing else.

Additionally, buying your car from a dealership offers a high level of security and protection of your interests. A private sale carries an inherent risk, and you won’t get any after-sales service should a problem arise with your purchase. Buying from a dealership guarantees that you get the service you deserve because car dealers rely on their reputation for repeat business.

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