Buying A Used Car For Your Teenager?

By John Hayden

Buying a used car for your teenager can be an overwhelming experience. For one, you want to buy a vehicle that is the safest and the most cost-effective. Here’s what to remember when picking a car:

Used Cars V/s. New Cars:

We all know cars start losing value right from the time they’re driven out from the showroom and continue to lose around 50% of their value in the first four years. If you are looking for a car for your teenager, it makes sense to buy a used car in Halifax, rather than buying a new one. But you will also have to make sure it has decent safety features. Look for cars manufactured after 2012  these vehicles have Vehicle Stability Control.

Safety Ratings Are Important:

A recent report on traffic injuries has found that drivers in the age group of 16 to 19 are the most likely to be killed. The US-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends buying vehicles with a safety rating of good or above when tested for front, side, and head restraint tests.

Look For The Right Kind Of Cars:

Large SUVs or pickup trucks are more prone to rollovers, especially when handled by inexperienced drivers. Naturally, sports cars and other high-horsepower vehicles are out of the question for first-time drivers. Experts recommend sedans and smaller SUVs. Look for cars that your teen driver can comfortably manoeuvre and see properly. You need proper legroom and seat adjustability  in short; you want a car that is easy to control. Some of the cars that are perfect for them include the Kia Optima or the Subaru Forester.

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