Is a non-resident auto loan possible in Newfoundland?

By John Hayden

Help! I Need a Non-Resident Auto Loan in Newfoundland 

Don’t worry – the financing consultants at Hayden Auto Loans have plenty of experience crafting non-resident auto loans for people wanting to buy cars.  Car loans are similar for everyone, although temporary residents may be subject to tougher requirements than local borrowers. But they’re available from fewer lenders, while applicants must usually meet additional eligibility criteria. This may include your job,  pay, and length of stay in Canada.

What Factors Affect My  Non-Resident Auto Loan Eligibility in St. John’s?

The precise criteria are defined by each institution. Nevertheless, there are five main factors you should keep in mind when applying for a non-resident auto loan  on a work permit (preferably IMM1102 or IMM1442) in Newfoundland:

  • Visa type: in order to protect their investments, some lenders prefer applicants with permanent residency (such as IMM5688 or IMM5292 Permanent Resident Cards), or long-term student visas (like IMM1208 or IMM1442 study permits).  Furthermore, these rates will probably be better than those available to seasonal or provisional workers. Best of all is an employer-sponsored visa, which serves as an unspoken recommendation to lenders;
  • Visa duration: non-resident auto loans may end a year or more before work permits and passports expire. This reassures lenders that you intend to stay in Canada for at least the duration of your loan, because you’ve been earning a steady income for at least three months;
  • Visa breaches: like any lender,  non-resident car finance providers choose law-abiding borrowers. So if you breach the terms of your visa, this will probably affect your eligibility for a non-resident car loan in Newfoundland.  That’s because working too many hours each week or holding too many jobs affects your standing, no matter how hard you’re trying to  bump up your income;
  • Credit history: your overseas credit performance doesn’t count for taking out a non-resident auto loan in St. John’s. Besides, as you may have only a few transactions in Canada, providers may look more closely at your job, income, and the size of your down payment, when  analysing  your repayment capacity;

How Can I Boost My Chances of Non-Resident Auto Loan Approval in Newfoundland

Quite logically, money lent to visiting borrowers is rated as a high-risk activity. Nevertheless, there are several steps you can take to ensure your success when applying for a non-resident auto loan in St. John’s:

  • Show job stability, submit a work contract, pay stubs, and employer letters of recommendation to prove eligibility.
  • Make a large down payment of up to 30% or more, with double benefits (you may get a lower interest rate and borrow less). Consequently, this brings down the total price of your new ride;
  • Open an account at a local bank, and then save as much as you can before asking for a non-resident auto loan. This confirms that you will be able to make your monthly payments on time;
  • Find a co-signer, and provide documents to ensure Auto loan terms typically range from 36 to 72 months in Canada, with some as long as 96 months. That’s because this guarantees your auto loan repayment, even without repossessing the vehicle.

Pro tip: To add credibility to your application for a non-resident auto loan in Newfoundland, make it personal. That’s because talking to an auto loan expert at Hayden Auto Loans can speed up your entire car-buying process. Apply now for your car loan! Just complete the form to find out the fastest way of getting your car loan in Newfoundland.


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