College Just Got Stylish: Top 7 Cars For College Students

By John Hayden

Summer is in full swing, and we can all finally relax and blow off steam from the tedious course loads, exams, and dissertations. Now, before we completely shut out all discussions about school, there is just one more thing you must consider. What kind of car should you be driving as a student?

For students that live off-campus, and those that have to commute distances in other to get to school, a good car is a must-have! Even if you live on the campus premises, you would still need a car to go out, run small errands, and also visit home. The biggest problem for college students trying to buy a vehicle used to be the high price, but that’s now a thing of the past. The truth is that most college students cannot afford the cost of purchasing a car outrightly.

At Hayden Autos, we identify with the college student’s pain, so we developed DRIVE, a luxury car subscription service. With DRIVE, college students can lease a car on a month-to-month basis for a low monthly fee. You don’t have to worry about firm commitments and overpaying for auto loans while enjoying the benefits of a flexible system that suits a college student perfectly.

Let us take a look at the top seven cars that are perfect and also lend a dash of style to college students. With DRIVE, you can select any of the best college cars on this list, and drive in style. You don’t have to stop at just one car though; you can select any of the other cars on a month-to-month basis and try them out too. Our policy lets you “swap, renew, or cancel” at any time you want.

What Qualifies A Car As The Best For College Students?

I’m sure you’d like to know what makes a great college car? After consulting with lots of students, we have decided to look at five (5) crucial criteria for selecting an excellent college car. These are Safety, Reliability, fuel efficiency, aesthetics, and the “style factor.” The vehicles that meet two or more of these criteria have been chosen to make up the list of the best cars for college students.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is an all-round workhorse that leaves you feeling safe, satisfied, and hassle-free always. This car has high safety ratings across the boards, due to its barriers, ample safety features, and rollover resistance. You would be glad to know that this beauty comes with a highly efficient hybrid engine. This means that you spend less at the gas pumps and leave only a minor carbon footprint on the environment.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is the embodiment of the creative genius of a manufacturer crafting on a line drawn between ‘whimsy’ and ‘fun.’ The car has got fantastic handling, and it’s downright beautiful to behold making it an enjoyable drive. Its compact size makes it ideal for zipping from one class to another and going on short weekend trips.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is a small car but don’t let its compact nature fool you. The car is very economical, easy on the eyes, and ridiculously reliable to own. You get all the precise attention to detail and German engineering for the cost of a compact. The Golf toes the line between utility and luxury perfectly. If you like a dash of luxury in your car, the Volkswagen Golf is the right choice for you.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeeps have a distinct look about them that makes them stand out. They are immediately recognizable with their bodies and sturdiness. However, the Wrangler packs an extra punch…or two. It comes with a surprisingly economical gas usage and is widely regarded as one of the top off-roaders you can get. If you love the outdoors and would like to take your car with you, the Jeep Wrangler is the best car for the job.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is quite popular and with good reason. It has earned itself the title of Canada’s best-selling car for 21 straight years, this year! The Civic is a dependable car; it handles splendidly and is just enough to give you that race car feel. You can always bet on the popularity of the Civic because it is that good of a vehicle to own. The parking lots all over Canada filled with Civics can’t lie.

Toyota Prius

The Prius easily makes our list of best college cars for students. With its impressive fuel efficiency of 5L per 100km, it is a very cost-effective commuter car. It also has a very generous trunk space of up to 67 cubic feet (with rear seats folded). An excellent cargo car for textbooks, hockey equipment, or Costco bags, you will find this car to be perfectly adaptable to your needs.


Your car can be just as extraordinary as you are! And that is what the BMW X1 represents as far as luxury cars are concerned. College students on our luxury subscription service, DRIVE, get to try out luxury cars at a low monthly rate. The BMW X1 is a crossover luxury SUV with sophisticated safety features, tons of space, a fantastic gas mileage, and top-of-the-line infotainment system. If you are looking to add luxury to your lifestyle, the BMW is an excellent place to start.

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