Cruising Through Summer in Style: Top 7 Cars That Are Perfect For The Sunshine

By John Hayden

Summer is, without a doubt, the best time of the year. With lots of sunshine, clear weather, and clean air, you can enjoy the pleasures of driving to it fullest. This is the time to load up on supplies, pack friends and family in the backseat, roll the windows down, and hit the open road. There is no better way to enjoy cheer and joy of summer than behind the wheels of a car.

For you to fully enjoy the driving experience that Summer has to offer, you need a car that’s equally as fantastic as the awesome weather. We want the very best for you, so we have gone ahead to help you select the top seven best cars for driving in summer. The cars on this list will leave you feeling thrilled and excited because you are in for the ride of your life – pun intended.

What Makes Up A Great Summer Car?

A great summer car has a couple of key criteria that have to be met. Your unique requirements will determine the relevant features for your perfect summer car. Families might look to a safe SUV, with reliable handling, and a great entertainment system for the perfect summer vehicle. Other drivers might opt for a sporty convertible that lets you feel the breeze as you zip through the highways. For many drivers, summers are for muscle cars and high speeders, for cruising on the road with the top down, and fresh breeze in your hair.

Now, with Hayden Autos new DRIVE subscription service, you can zip from one car to the other monthly. No more auto loan hassles or breaking the bank to pay for your lease. DRIVE lets you select from a wide array of car options; allowing you to match your unique taste with the season. Here are our top seven picks for the best summer cars, just for you.


Most Benz cars easily fall into the ‘fun’ driving box; however, we chose the SL550 simply because it has a more summer-like feel to it. This sleek convertible car packs a lot of power under its hood: a 429-hp Biturbo V-8 engine that goes from 0 – 60 in 4.5 seconds flat. The retractable roof also makes it an enjoyable drive is the summer breeze. At Hayden Autos, you can select the SL550 or any other Mercedes cars from our extensive car subscription service, DRIVE.


The Camaro is the ultimate summer vehicle. A muscle car that’s being around since the mid-60s, its impressive power has proven formidable over the many years. Although each new installment in the Camaro line has something different and unique, the fierce power and dominance of this model have prevailed. At Hayden Autos, we have a couple of Camaros for you to choose from. Drive through summer in the iconic class and style that’s the Camaro.


Since its inception back in 1970, families have rallied around the Range Rover as the perfect family camping trip vehicle. With the myriad of safety features we’ve come to expect from an SUV, it comes with an additional twist of sleek luxury. A robust infotainment system ensures that no one is left feeling bored on long trips. Its high safety ratings will allow you rest easy even on the most treacherous of country roads.


The Cooper invokes images of zipping through the wind on the English countryside in mid-summer. If you like your car cute, but still want to enjoy the summer feeling to its fullest, the Cooper is the perfect car for you. This car handles splendidly for such a compact ride, and its engine is much more powerful than you might expect. Helping your friends move is definitely out of the options, but you will enjoy the thrill of driving this mini all through summer.


If you think summer is only about big muscle cars and convertible tops, then you’d be wrong. Some people want their summer car to be simple, efficient, and most importantly, economical to manage. The Toyota Prius is the prime example of a vehicle that matches these criteria. A 5L per 100km hybrid engine ensures that you spend as little as possible on gas. It also has excellent handling and is a joy to drive through the streets in summer. If you want reliability, efficiency, and low maintenance costs, the Prius is the perfect car for you.


Just like the Camaro, the Mustang has a reputation that has remained strong over the many years. Easily identifiable as a muscle car, it is a class of its own as far as summer cars are concerned. The massive power under its hood invokes the feeling of racing through the fields on a stallion  only smoother. The Mustang is a car that symbolizes freedom, and rightly so. Hop into one of our mustangs and take on the summer thrills in style.


This list wouldn’t be complete without featuring one of our all-time favorites. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a car that oozes luxury and exotic class like no other. Quite frankly, it is a race car in street clothes; with a buzz-saw 4.3L V engine that’s sure to attract attention like a magnet. This icon of Italian manufacturing is a stunner that gives your summer experience an extra jolt of style and adventure. Just rev up its engine, and you will understand why it’s a total show-stopper.

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