Do You Hate Your Car?

By John Hayden

Is your current vehicle a headache? Do you still owe money on it and need a better car? Is it constantly breaking down, a poor fit for your daily/life needs, or is becoming unpresentable?

Well there’s good news for you…

We Can Help.

If you let us know what you’re currently driving, and give us some insight into what you would like, we have the knowledge and resources to get you into a vehicle you’ll love.

What Can Hayden’s Do? We Can:

1. Find You A Better Vehicle

We have access to 10,000’s of quality vehicles of every make and model in our network and we can get working instantly to upgrade your vehicle – the right way.

2. Lower Your Interest Rate

In most instances we can lower your interest rate that you currently pay so you get a better vehicle at an affordable monthly payment.

3. Protect You From Debt

With every financed sale we offer WALKAWAY 12 month complimentary vehicle return protection. This means there’s zero risk to you while you operating your vehicle during the first year.

4. Provide Easy Financing:

With Hayden Agencies, financing a used car in Halifax is simple and straightforward, often with several financing avenues you can choose from. You can also fill in the online pre-approval form to see if you qualify instantly.

5. Get Upgraded and Driving Fast!

Start to Finish, our process requires only 20 minutes of your time and we can have you on the road with a new vehicle in about 4 hours flat!

What to do: If you want a no-obligation inquiry on how to best upgrade your car, I can help. Inquire into financing a new vehicle or call me at 902 469-5444 to talk about your needs. Or simply fill out the following form to get started now:

    Looking For Quick & Easy Financing?

    We know how to find the best vehicle for your situation, and have you leave the lot with a smile on your face.

    Apply now!