Exchanging Your Foreign Driver’s License

By John Hayden

If you have recently moved to Nova Scotia from another country, or you are planning to do so, you should think about exchanging your foreign driver’s license for a Nova Scotia permit.

Your license must be issued in a country that has a trade agreement with Canada and must be higher than a student or learner permit.

If your nation doesn’t have an understanding, you can utilize your driving experience to get credit towards acquiring your full Nova Scotia permit.

The measure of experience you have will decide how far you can skirt through the permit program’s required procedure.

The following is our manual to assist you with trading or get kudos for your driver’s permit.

Step by step instructions on exchanging your foreign driver’s license

The application for trade must be made face to face at a Nova Scotia DriveTest focus. The definite prerequisites expected to finish your application will rely upon precisely where you are moving from. Also, your sort of permit, records you can give, and the measure of experience you have.

If you are moving into Nova Scotia from a nation that is qualified for a permit trade, you should give the accompanying documentation:

  • Current License – must be flow or lapsed for short of what one year and show the expiry date
  • Proof of Identity – must show your lawful name, full date of birth, and mark
  • Driver’s Abstract – must be dated inside the most recent a half year. It must also demonstrate when your permit was first given. All archives must be converted into English or French.

You will likewise need to take an eye test, present the essential and supporting documentation and fill a form. You will likewise need to pay the fundamental charges.

In certain conditions, you may need to take a composed or street test to demonstrate your driving capacity. This serves to show that your driving fulfills Nova Scotia’s guidelines.

How exchanging your foreign driver’s license works

Driver in Nova Scotia needs to finish the full program with required testing and hold up times between each progression.

The speediest you can finish the entire program to get a full G permit is 20 months.

Not being qualified for a permit trade may make you another alternative. You could skip some portion of the Nova Scotia Graduated License Program using your driving experience as credit.

Having more understanding and supporting records implies you can avoid a more significant amount of holdup times.

Driving Experience Declared Must Take G2 Driving Exam? Must Take Full G Driving Exam?
Under one year Yes -required hold up time diminished by the acknowledged experience Yes -for the full compulsory hold up time
Over one year, under two years Yes -with no holding up period Yes -with full obligatory holdup time
More than two years No Yes -with no holding up period

The letter must be an official letterhead and dated inside a half-year of your application from an international haven, office. It could also be from the High Commissioner’s Office that speaks to the legitimate authority of your home locale.Valuable Tip! Finishing a driving exercise program will bring down your protection rates.
Notwithstanding how much experience you proclaim, you should finish an application procedure to be conceded with the remote permit credits.

Valuable Tip! Don’t have the archives to demonstrate your driving involvement with the hour of the application? Go ahead with the app and have the experience included some time later.

Along these lines, you can kick the application off and complete the procedure prior.

Where to find licensed translators

If you have to have your records deciphered, you can discover authorized interpreters in the significant towns and urban areas. Places like Halifax in Nova Scotia, for example.

While presenting a deciphered record, you should likewise show verification that the interpreter was qualified.

There are marginally various capabilities that an interpreter must have contingent upon what some portion of the territory you’re in.

In North and Southwestern Nova Scotia, interpreters must have one of the accompanying capabilities:

Employment as a mediator Membership of an expert translator affiliation

Experience as a translator as an individual from the church for the remainder of the region

Mediators and interpreters must be certified with an expert in Nova Scotia or from the bureaucratic or common government.


Nova Scotia’s legislature has made it simpler for you to get your full permit quickly. This makes it easier than experiencing the procedure from the beginning, regardless of where you are coming from.

Ensure you do your examination to realize what trade or credits you are qualified for. And what reports you should give to finish your application.

We can help guide you exchanging your foreign driver’s license in Nova Scotia, taking the stress of your hands. Our experts will cut the time in half and help you get your Nova Scotia license in no time. Do fill the form below to begin the process.

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