Perks Of Buying Used Cars Over New Ones

By John Hayden

New cars can be a lot of fun if your financial circumstance allows you to purchase one. On the other hand, buying new can often bring in more trouble than one needs to endure just to have a pleasurable experience on the road. What is the reason for this? Hayden Auto Agency is pleased to offer some reasons on why buying used cars can be a better decision than buying new.

Did you know that new cars lose their value extremely quickly?

In fact, it is possible for new cars to lose about twenty percent of their value as soon as they are driven off the lot. Why should you be willing to give up twenty percent of what you paid when there are plenty of other vehicles whose value will not depreciate as quickly? Before making a car purchase, consider whether buying a used car which is just slightly less new is a better choice. Even if the car is only one or two years old, which is still pretty new, relatively speaking, it will hold onto its value much better than a brand new, undriven car.

Because of depreciation, a new car is less bang for your buck.

Buying used cars allows your dollars to go further down the road, meaning that even after getting a quality car that will last, your bank account is still on the up, because you did not put yourself in the position of making unnecessarily large payments or taking on negative equity. Likewise, when you buy new, you risk being able to afford only an entry level or mid level car, whereas when you buy used, with the same budget, you are much more likely to be able to buy a fancier and more luxurious car.

Have you considered variety?

While you probably think there are a ton of new cars on the market every year, there are way more used cars available for purchase. This means you have flexibility when you buy, and you have more room to do research to make sure you really get the car you want to drive. Saying yes to used cars means opening the doors to thousands of quality cars with all the specs that you’re likely to enjoy.

Another big reason to buy used is to avoid giant insurance costs. A used car, which, again, can even be a year or two old, will cost significantly less in insurance payments. This makes sense, doesn’t it? The more expensive a car is, the more an insurance company is going to want to cover itself in case the car is wrecked in an accident. You might not recognize the difference between a three year old Mercedes and a brand new one, but the insurance company will, and taking that into account will make owning a car that much easier.

There are plenty of other reasons to consider buying used cars. The reasons are endless!

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