Shocking Car Maintenance Tips to Help Your Car Go the Distance

By John Hayden

Maintaining a car is a very important part of owning a car, without the proper maintenance it won’t be only too long before your car breaks down. Where should you even begin the overall task of maintaining your car?

Budget for Car Maintenance and Repairs

The first point of call is to budget for car maintenance and repairs, you should understand that your car will break down sometimes, and you will have to repair it. Don’t be caught unaware, create budget for your car repairs ahead of time.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Only a few car owners go through the vehicles owner’s manual, in fact, car owners who have owned a car do not care to read their owner’s manual at all. Peruse your manual and see how your car functions.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Gone are the days when you have to mark off your calendar to keep up with your mechanic’s appointment. Today, you can easily schedule your appointment using technological tools to your advantage; from tools like Evernote to keep notes or fuelly, there are different tools you can use.

Be a Good Driver

When people get new cars, it’s normal to drive carefully and not overstretch the limit of the car. As the car gets broken in, the urge to return to the ways of reckless driving comes back. If you could just drive carefully, your car will love you.

Take Care of Your Tires

Your tires are like your feet, you must keep them moving if you intend to keep them fit. Aligning your wheels and keeping your wheels moving saves you a lot on fuel consumption and prevent you from a lot of issues that might be associated with the wrong tire rotation.

Monitor Your Fluid Levels and Get Your Oil Changed

Your oil level should be regularly checked, a lot of people do not pay enough attention to changing their oil and even checking the oil level. Oil isn’t the only fluid in your car and you should pay attention to all of these fluids.

Be Kind to Your Battery

Your battery is the powerhouse of your car, being kind to your battery is being kind to your car as a whole. By taking good care of your battery, you are empowering your car to go the extra mile.

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