Should I Keep on Fixing Or Get A New Car?

By John Hayden

With winter on the way, it’s time to decide on whether to keep on fixing or get a new car.   In Nova Scotia, there will be cold streets, frigid drives, and solidified motors that are a piece of the standard. This means you have to adopt a proactive strategy to avert  unpleasant surprises.

Or, on the other hand, perhaps you have just been fixing it, yet it continues requiring more fixes.

If so, it’s an excellent opportunity to begin thinking – would it be a good idea for you to keep repairing the old vehicle, or exchange it for another one?

Fixing your old car


It is quite often more affordable to repair a vehicle at that point than purchase another one.

Protection and enlistment charges are usually progressively costly on another vehicle.

If your vehicle is paid off and you weren’t anticipating supplanting your car yet, you probably won’t be set up for costs related to another car.

If your vehicle has nostalgic worth, you get the opportunity to keep it.


Depending on the degree of the fixes, you may wind up spending more over the long haul.

Old autos can be flighty, and if the guarantee is up, you can more likely than not anticipate more fix down the line.

Your more seasoned vehicle’s worth will keep deteriorating, though if that you sell or exchange it now, you might have the option to get more cash once again from the deal.

Purchasing a new vehicle


New autos have present-day wellbeing highlights like programmed crisis braking, reinforcement cameras, and vulnerable side checking.

Used vehicles, whenever purchased from a legitimate seller, likewise experience thorough wellbeing tests.

New “Extravagant accessories.” Similar to above, numerous more up to date autos may accompany additional highlights that can be useful for Canadian winters, for example, remote beginning, warmed seats and guiding wheels, heated side mirror, all-wheel drive, and that’s just the beginning.

The vehicle will commonly come with a guarantee, so any fixes in the predetermined period will be secured.


If your finances aren’t in good order, it can cost more to purchase another vehicle than to keep an old one, particularly if the old car is paid off.

A new vehicle commonly loses an expected 22% of its incentive in the first year.

If you have a nostalgic connection to your old vehicle, it tends to be hard to surrender that.

Questions about fixing or getting a new car

  • What fixes are significant for your present vehicle?
  • What do those fixes cost roughly?
  • What amount of cash have you placed into fixes as of now?
  • Will your vehicle have the option to get past the winter a very long time without fixes or danger of a very late crisis?

Are you hoping to purchase a new vehicle, or open to a quality trade-in vehicle?

Financing options for fixing or getting a new car

If you’ve chosen to continue fixing your old vehicle, regardless, you have to realize how to back the fixes.

Using vehicle value to make your vehicle like new is a choice. If you’ve chosen to quit sinking cash into this vehicle, you should seriously think about a quality trade-in vehicle.

In this example, it’s in every case best to work out financing terms before you start shopping. Make sense of what you can bear the cost of and afterward assess what that gets you. At Hayden auto agency, we offer vehicle title credits you can use to fix up your old vehicles. We also provide quality trade-in vehicles that are thoroughly tried. Fill the form below to reach us.


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