The best-used cars under $15,000 right now

By John Hayden

When getting a used car, it’s important to conduct a thorough check to see if it’s efficient and ideal for you.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a used car in Canada;

Safety rating

Your safety and those of your passengers are important, and  that’s why you should go for care with high safety ratings.


There’s no use in purchasing a car you won’t feel comfortable driving in. If you prefer portability then go for a compact car, but if you’re a tall buyer, then this won’t be a good idea.

Fuel efficiency

If you spend more time driving, then you should consider the cost of gas. It’ll take you to run around. Getting a fuel-efficient car – probably one with a usage of 6.2L/100Km is recommended.


This is probably the highest determining factor when it comes to buying a new car. Check how much you can afford to pay and search for cars within this price range.

2018 Kia Rio LX

For a 2018 car at the cost of $14,900, you are sure to get the most value for your money. The Kia Rio LX comes with amazing modern features such as computer controlled heated seats, UVO telematics system, key-less entry, heated steering and so much more.

There’s also been a remarkable improvement on the car’s handling which makes it easier for a manual drivers to control the steering with one hand and the gear with the other. It’s fuel efficient, with the usage of 7.1L/100Km in automatic mode and 6.4L/100Km on manual. The only downside is the interior rough plastic build.

2008 Toyota Tundra

If you’re in need of high performance, powerful and rugged vehicle, then the Toyota Tundra is your car. The Tundra offers three cabs to choose from, the double cab, CrewMax, and regular cabs. Fully equipped with a 5.7L V8 engine that has an output of 381hp enough to tow a 10800lbs truck. It offers maximum safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, strong brake power, and solid steering.

2009 BMW 128i

If you love speed and a sleek design, then the BMW 128i is the car for you. Enjoy an amazing highway experience with this car as it comes with a 3L 6-cylinder coup that produces 230 horsepower and 200lbs torque. It also has great features such as a sleek leather interior, modern sound system, and good fuel efficiency of 11.3L/100Km in city and 7.0L/100Km on the highway.

Keep it in mind that repair costs for the BMW 128i is quite expensive.

2009 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is perfect for family owners with big size and good functionality. It’s more economical as repairs are cheaper and fuel consumption is 13.3L/100Km in city and 9.5L/100Km on the highway. It has great features like heated mirrors, nice interior, tight turning steering, and all-wheel drive. With its size and high performance, the Sienna is within the price range of $7000-$11,000.

2012 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is the best SUV under the $15k range. It comes with a good cargo space, rear seat room and incredible features such as; fog lights, a rearview camera, dual climate navigation and electronic compass amongst other great features. It’s also fuel efficient with a usage rate of 9.2L/100Km in city and 6.6L/100Km on the highway.

It’s a customer favorite because of its compact size and responsive handling.

There you have it, our list of high-performance vehicles under the $15,000 price range. Whatever your personality, you will find a car that matches your taste here.

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