Top 5 Futuristic Trends In the Automotive Industry For 2019

By John Hayden

Recent studies has shown that users have come to expect a certain quality with the service they receive. Consumers now refuse to settle for anything less than seamless 24/7 connectivity and efficiency. So, this year, the automotive industry is set to showcase some rather exciting advances in technology and customer experience.

Here are the trends and digital transformations to look out for in the automotive industry.


Experts predict that 2019 will experience an exponential boom in the production of smart cars with Wi-Fi capabilities. The continuous demands of car owners for functional connectivity in their vehicles have fueled this advancement. Projections put investments in the industry to over $82 Billion by the end of 2020. Never will your car remain a “dead zone”; instead an important extension of your life and daily activities.

Digital Buying and Sharing

AR (augmented reality) is set to change the face of the automotive industry. You can now test drive your dream car and experience realistic its sound and feel. Apps like Fair even make it possible to buy your car without having to speak to any car salesman. All the and more, from the comfort of your home.

Companies like Uber and Lyft will also continue to expand as ride sharing gains more foothold. Ultimately, the shared automobile space will blossom as fewer people need to buy cars.

Digital Safety and Manufacturing

The Integration of AR in car designs will drastically improve diver safety in the automotive industry. With the help of AR, drivers can see through and beyond the cars around them. This works splendidly for better decision-making while driving and fewer accidents.

Car manufacturers will also benefit from the expanded use of AR to digitally prototype and test their designs. Its efficiency and cost-effectiveness will fuel a mass shift to this process.

Autonomous Driving

The autonomous vehicle industry will feature a giant leap towards effecting safer practice for drivers. The driverless cars are constantly undergoing upgrades and astounding innovations; towards providing a secure and seamless experience.

Drivers can expect to own and utilize driver-less car in the not so distant future. Current advancements put the actualization at a decade, but it may be sooner that.

Big Data

The relationship between the automotive and digital-tech industries will translate to cars collecting, storing, and protecting more data than ever. The future of the industry will be shaped by which car manufacturers can perform to expectation and thrive. The automotive industry is primed to explode with benefits this year and we are definitely on top of it.

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