Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

By John Hayden

Finding the ultimate gift idea for someone who is crazy about cars can be very challenging, especially when the holiday is in full swing, Thanksgiving has passed and this increases our shopping demands as we think about the most important people in our lives.

Finding the best gift idea for that someone in your life who is crazy about cars just got easier! Here is a list of top holiday gifts for car lovers to fire up your automotive interests whether your budget is slim or as fat as St. Nicks.

All-Weather Mats Or Custom Floor Liners

It is a common habit for car lovers to keep their rides clean and they love to keep it that way. But sometimes winter can be very harsh and wet and snowy boots can anchor unwanted dirt and moisture into the interior of a vehicle thus making you go through the laborious task of cleaning. All-Weather Floor Mats are essentially custom, flexible all season vehicle floor mats with deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud, and sand.

All-Weather Floor Mats are designed to prevent curling and cracking in sub-zero weather. Hence, a good set of all-weather floor mats can save your vehicle’s carpeting and also reduce your hours of cleaning. In order to avoid issues with poor fit we recommend you choose custom fit mats. All you have to do is know the year, make and the model of the vehicle to order the best and suitable custom fit mats for your vehicle. You can also check the new car dealers parts store to find out if they have all-weather mats for a particular model.

Portable Battery / Jump Box

Portable jump boxes make great holiday gifts for drivers in cold climates and it’s a must for any enthusiast garage or trunk. Also called a booster box, because of its ability to jump-start a dead battery quickly, painless and effortless without the help of a second vehicle or an unwieldy jumper cables. Obviously, smaller vehicles with smaller engines generally require less power to get started. Hence, larger motors with larger engines will generally require more power.

Peak amps are used to rate different types of jump boxes and their values can be used as a guide when making a choice on the right jump box. For instance, a 900-amp box may be fine for a Mazda Miata. But you might want to consider using a more robust box if you’re in a situation where the gearhead in your list drives a Ford F-250 with a power stroke diesel engine.

Lexol Leather Care Pads

Lexol Leather Care Pads are pre-moistened felt applicators that provide a quick and easy way to clean, condition and protect leather upholstery. Featuring the same key ingredients found in Lexol 3-in-1 Leather Care, Lexol Leather Care Pads make caring for your leather more conveniently than ever.

Lexol Leather Care Pads contain ultra-gentle cleaners, which safely lift dirt off your leather surfaces. Specially formulated oils bond to the leather fibers to nourish and enhance the soft, supple texture of the leather. These oils are especially important because they help the leather retain its flexibility so it will not crack over time.

Teen Performance Driving School

Lack of experience should never be an excuse for not exploring the limits of vehicle handling and learn real skills that will help you become safer drivers. Teen performance driving schools have got you covered. Driving schools should never sound like a boring gift for a car-obsessed car driver although performance driving schools are specially designed for teenagers (and therefore might be considered to be boring to your teen), a great idea nonetheless.

Drive an Exotic, Luxury Car or Dream Car

You know how it feels when people notice your car and always want to talk about it. No doubt, luxury cars tend to be more expensive but they are also more comfortable, more spacious and more powerful. And if it’s in your budget to buy a favorite car enthusiast, a Maserati, by all means, please do so.

Even when you’re on a modest budget, you can still get your car enthusiast a chance to get behind the wheel of an exotic vehicle even if it’s for a week or a few hours with a test drive. Hayden’s has access to hundreds or luxury and top vehicles fitting a “dream car” status in their inventory.

Gift Someone (Or Yourself) A Car With No Payments All Winter

If it is within your budget, gift that special someone or yourself! Hayden’s is offering up to 3 months no payments, the opportunity to lower your interest, and get the best trade value on your old vehilce.

They are located at their Dartmouth branch at 215 Wyse Road, and if you want a no-obligation inquiry into test driving someone’s “dream car”, we’ll arrange a free drive today. You call also call John Hayden at 902 469-5444 to set something up.

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