Top 5 most fuel-efficient cars below $15,000

By John Hayden

The price of gas has increased and doesn’t look like it will be coming down anytime soon. If you are looking to get a new car soon then it advisable you invest in a fuel-efficient car because its cost effective and is also eco-friendly.

The market is full of this type of vehicles but to save you the stress, I have compiled a list of the best fuel-efficient cars under $15,000 to help you make the right choice.

Chevrolet Spark – Starting Price: $10,095

The Spark has four other models for you to choose from and they are all efficient. It consumes 6L/100Km when driving in manual mode and 6.2L/100Km for highway in automatic mode. The Chevrolet Spark is a compact car which is an advantage, but the downside is that it lacks power and cargo space.

Mitsubishi Mirage 4 ES 5MT – Starting Price: $12,448

The Mitsubishi Mirage is worth every penny. It consumes only 6.4L/100Km in city and 5.5L/100Km on the highway in both manual and automatic. What makes this a great deal is that it comes with a 5-year warranty on the first 100Km driven.

Hyundai Accent – Starting Price: $14,599 pro

If what you are looking for is class and fuel efficiency then the Hyundai Accent is the car for you. It travels at 8.2L in city and 6.3L on the highway.

Nissan Versa S Starting Price: $14,698

The Nissan Versa S is a compact car that those who consider portability. It travels at 8.6L/100Km in city and 6.6L/100km on the highway in manual mode and 7.6L/100Km in city and 6.2L/100Km on the highway in automatic mode. It also has functional small cargo space thanks to its 60:40 fold down seats.

Kia Rio 5 Starting Price: $14,995

This car packs up beauty, speed and fuel efficiency all in one. It comes in both manual and automatic models and travels 8.7L/100Km in city and 6.3L/100Km on the highway.

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