What You Should Know About a Lease Takeover

By John Hayden

Taking over a lease is a technical statement taken to mean that you are purchasing a car from someone who is still paying for the purchase of that car via a lease. There are different reasons why people might want you to take over their lease; from travelling out of the country to an imminent divorce or job loss. Taking over a lease for you means that you can get an almost new car for a fantastic amount of money.

Before you get too overjoyed, taking over a lease can also be a boogey trap, one you don’t want to fall into. In an ideal world, you would expect all the terms and condition to be laid out in a straight logical way so that you can walk away from the deal should you find something fishy. However, in the real world, that is rarely the case. There are some sellers who hide behind some terms in a bid to use it to their own advantage.

By taking over a lease, what are you getting yourself into?

By signing on the dotted line to take over a lease, you have decided to take ownership of the vehicle while you pay the rest of the lease amount for the remainder of the lease period. This decision means that you own the car and all of the assets and liabilities that comes with it. The agreement is usually subject to a lease transfer payment which is often paid in part by both the former owner and the new owner. In order to encourage prospects, some owners might choose to entirely pay the lease transfer fee.

Why should you take over a car lease?

Zero Startup Costs

While a regular lease will require you to make a down payment, accepting a lease transfer means that there is no need for you to make a down payment. That in itself is enough reason for you to take over a car lease.

No middlemen haggling

When taking over a car lease, you are in direct contact with the person whose lease you are taking over. That cuts away all of the middlemen haggling. This means that you are able to negotiate even better.

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