Your Car Payments Are Too High

By John Hayden

There’s a smarter way to finance your vehicle.

I’ve seen too many car owners suffering from a much higher car payment than they need to. When I do, I feel the need to remind them of the most important basics of how a car loan actually works. These are the 3 components that make up a car loan, and determine your monthly payment.

  1. The amount to finance – The price of the car, with tax and any warranties above any cash you have down
  2. The length of the term – how long you’ll be financing the car, and most importantly and least understood:
  3. The interest rate (%) – bank rate approved by a lender, which depends on your credit.

We Can Get You a Lower Monthly Car Payment

Do you know your interest rate on your current vehicle? If you currently have a car loan and have an interest rate of 8% or higher and you have a good payment history for 12+ months on that vehicle, we can get your interest rate reduced significantly. What does this mean? We can likely get you a much lower monthly car payment, and out of an older car, into a newer one.

We have a number of finance lenders, which we match to you current credit situation to get you the lowest interest rate available.

Get The Lowest Possible Car Payment

If you have a car that’s not working well, and have a few years left on loan, or have a high monthly payment, I can help. Inquire into financing a new vehicle or call me at 902 469-5444 to talk about your needs. Or simply fill out the following form to get started.


    walkaway insurance

    With every financed sale we offer ” WALKAWAY ” 12 month complimentary vehicle return protection.

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