Car Loan in Newfoundland Monthly Payment

By John Hayden

How Much Should My Monthly Car Loan Payments be in Newfoundland?

Shopping for a new (or new-to-you) car is always an exciting time. But that purchase afterglow can fade fast if you don’t plan your finances properly. That’s why the car financing experts at Hayden Auto Loans have a wise word of advice: it’s not just your mocs that need to slot comfortably into your budget.

Don’t Forget All These Other Car Costs in Newfoundland

There are so many other actors that affect the total cost of your car, including your credit score, the amount borrowed, the down payment, interest rates, and loan term length. Other once-off expenses may include registration and title transfer fees, conveyance fees for documentation, and destination charges. Fuel, maintenance, insurance, road tax, and parking fees pump up your outlays constantly. Worse still, Eastern Canada’s harsh climate means you need snow tires and winter undercoating.

Getting The Best Car Financing in St. John’s

By understanding how all these factors work together, you can make sure you get the lowest monthly car loan payments on your auto loan. Here’s how to get the biggest bang for your buck, starting with your credit score, which reflects how promptly you’ve repaid your debts in the past. It encompasses your payment history, the total amount you owe as a proportion of your available credit, the kinds of credit you hold (mortgage, credit cards, retail accounts et cetera), new loans, and the length of your credit history. Ranging from 300 to 900, your score generally determines all the other aspects of your auto loan in Newfoundland.

Other Aspects that Affect Your Monthly Car Loan Payments

The cost of your auto loan depends on four main factors,  they are:

  • loan amount, which is generally proportional to how much you earn. As an example, a prudent buyer earning a 50,000 dollar salary should be looking at vehicles priced at $20,000 to $35,000. As a rule of thumb, a used car payment should be around 10% (and no more than 15%) of your monthly paycheck. The amount you actually borrow depends on the size of your …
  • down payment, which is usually around 20% of the vehicle floor price. Let’s say you pick a used car costing $ 16,000, with a 20% down payment of $ 3,200. This means you need to  borrow only $12,800. But the less you borrow, the lower the total price of your car, so it’s well worthwhile saving up for a few months and putting down as large a deposit as you can afford. As an added bonus, this may snag you a lower …
  • interest rate, which can vary from a welcome 2.00% to an eye-watering 46.96%, although usually averaging out at around 7%. If your finances are unhealthy or you’re carrying a lot of debt (mortgage, student loan, high credit card balances), you might well be rated as a riskier client for auto financing in St. John’s, qualifying only for a higher rate. A seemingly negligible difference of a few tenths of a percent point can add up to thousands saved during the years ahead. How much you actually spend depends on your …
  • loan term, whose length can vary from 12 to 84 months. The most common range is between 36 and 72 months. Longer terms with lower monthly payback may initially seem more attractive, but you should think twice. Long loans can easily ‘go underwater’, trapping unwary buyers in a negative equity.


Expert financing consultants at Hayden Auto Loans often use the 20/4/10 Rule when crafting budget-friendly loan plans: a 20% down payment with a four-year loan, provided that car expenses total no more than 10% of the buyer’s monthly income. Get approved now! To learn more about getting an auto loan in Newfoundland, just fill out the form:

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